How to Enter



The Online entry allows photographers to upload their entry, rename images as required, select categories and finally pay their entry fee online using Paypal or credit card. This does not have to be completed in one session. Once paid then no further changes are possibe. Entrants not wishing to pay online can send a cheque by post with an entry reference number.  
Please read the rules before entering.  
You can enter up to 4 images in each class. You can enter in as many classes as you want, with one to four images in each class. A minimum entry of 4 images can be distributed between various categories. eg 1 Colour, 1 Monochrome, 2 Natural History. 
Cost of entry is £1.50 per image, with a minimum entry fee of £6.00 covering 4 images.  
We will notify you of your results by email after the judging. A full printed A4 catalogue will be sent to you and the exhibition gallery of acceptances will be available on the web site.  
When entering please use the menu options on the left hand side.  
Important - After completing each stage below and before moving to the next screen click the "SUBMIT", to save your changes, or "CANCEL" button at the bottom of the screen.  
New Entrants - please Register and enter the answer to the simple 3 + 7 math's sum to show that you are a human.  
If a previous entrant or pre-registered then sign-in using your email address and password. If this is your first entry then please use the register function and make a personal note of your password as all passwords are now stored in encrypted form. If you have lost or forgotten your password then see FAQs.  
Step 1: “My Account” Check/Add your name, photographic distinctions (eg LRPS) and address details or amend as necessary. You may also change your password if desired. Following any changes an email will be sent to you as confirmation that your password has been changed but will not include the new password. Remember the SUBMIT button to save any changes that you have made.  
Step 2: “Add Images” Upload your images 1 or more at a time, you can repeat this step. Click to browse to where, the correctly sized, jpg (not jpeg) images are located on your computer. You should see an upload progress bar beneath each image which turns green when the upload is complete. Remember the SUBMIT button after the upload has completed !!!  
NB. See FAQs if you experience upload problems.  
Step 3: “Check Images” Enter titles and allocate to categories (using Drop-Down list) below the Title Box, which will initially say 'NOT SET', to allocate to the appropriate category, eg colour, monochrome etc. The Title which you add will be used for your image in the exhibition - Do not include your name in this title. Please do not try to change/edit the image FILE name which you uploaded, this is separate to the image TITLE. Images may also be removed by using the keep/delete drop-down, note deletion doesn't happens until you click the Submit button. Remember the SUBMIT button !!!  
Steps 2 & 3 can be repeated if you have not loaded all of your entry in this session. The images loaded so far will be retained. Unwanted images can be deleted at stage 4 using a drop-down Keep/Delete located beneath each image. This deletion is only actioned when you click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page.  
Step 4: “Pay for Entry”. Only Pay once you have finished developing your entry. You can pay for your entry online using Paypal or a credit card.  
This is the final stage at which point your entry is finalized and no further changes can be made. Before paying, changes can continue to be made - images added/deleted/renamed. Development of your entry is stored and can be returned to, it must however be paid for prior to the entry close date.  
Alternatively, if you wish, select pay by cheque and follow instructions - an entry reference number will be given to send with your cheque.  
Cheques and Postal Orders should be made payable to:-

Evesham Camera Club

nb. Not as previously to VECC.  
Cheques should be posted to:- 
Exhibition Chairman, 
VECC, c/o Avon Reach, 
Church St. 
Wyre Piddle, 
WR10 2JD  
After payment no further amendments to your entry are possible without contacting the exhibition.  
An email will be sent to you listing details of your entry.  
After the selection a report card will be emailed giving your image scores 6 to 15 and listing any acceptances/awards. Please check your spam folder if not received.  
Also after the selection days your "Report Card" can also be viewed as a menu item on-line having first signed-in to the website