VECC Annual Exhibition - Photo2019

Welcome to, the 21st National Open Exhibition, organised by the Vale of Evesham Camera Club.  
The exhibition is a member of BPE with PAGB patronage (2019-18). This year Photo2019 attracted 5,336 digital entries from which 1,148 gained acceptance into the exhibition. 
The gallery of acceptances can be viewed via the menu option - View 2019 Exhibition. 

•Catalogues to all entrants, who didn't additionally order a show DVD, were posted on the 16th April. 
Due to a fault the show DVDs have had to be re-made, these were posted out on the 23rd April. 
•Results can be viewed via Online 'Report Card'

Shortly after the selection weekend, the menu option to view your ‘Report Card’ online after sign-in was populated with your results. Advanced report cards were also emailed to all entrants. Printed report card are included with entrant's A4 printed catalogue. 
Mike Sharples MPAGB, ARPS, EFIAP, ABPE - Colour, Mono & Experimental 
Ralph Snook ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP/b - Colour, Mono & Natural History 
Richard Speirs DPAGB, APAGB, BPE2* - Colour, Experimental & Natural History 
Sandie Cox ARPS, DPAGB - Mono, Experimental & Natural History 
Finally, we are indebted to our selectors and also the generosity of our sponsors whose contribution is invaluable to the financial success of this exhibition. Feel free to surf their websites by clicking on the links provided from the gallery of acceptances. Every year we also support a charity which relates to photographers, this year we are supporting which helps underrepresented communities use photography to tell their story. 
If you didn't gain any acceptances then please study the images which did and also read the selectors' comments in the catalogue. 
We look forward to receiving your entries in Photo2020 when it opens in the new year. 
Happy shooting  
John Kellett BPE2*  
Exhibition Chairman.