VECC Annual Exhibition - Photo2023

Welcome to, the 25th National Open Exhibition, organised by the Vale of Evesham Camera Club.  


See "View 2022 Exhibition", in the menu options on the left, to see the gallery of acceptances for Photo2022. In 2022 the exhibition attracted 5,318 digital entries with 1,234 gaining acceptances and 93 images being given awards. 
The exhibition is a member of BPE and enjoys PAGB patronage (2023-022).  
New Entrants - please Register and enter the answer to the simple 3 + 7 math's sum to show that you are a human. 
If you have forgotten your password then there is a forgotten password function which will email you a new auto-generated password. This is not instant and can take a few minutes. If you do not receive this password please check your spam folder or failing that please contact us for assistance. Some emails containing passwords have bounced, these are being picked-up and resent using a different system however delivery may be delayed 24hrs. 
Use the menu options on the left of the screen, which appear after you have logged in, to prepare your entry. Do ensure that you click the SUBMIT button at the base of each page to save your changes before moving to the next option:  
Step 1: Check your name and address details using 'My Account' and amend as necessary. You may also change your password if desired. Passwords are held in a fully encrypted form. 
Step 2: 'Add Images', upload your images 1 or more at a time, you can repeat this step.  
Step 3: 'Check Images' to add titles and allocate to categories. 
Step 4: 'Pay for Entry' online with a credit card/Paypal or if you wish pay by cheque. This is the final stage at which point your entry is finalized and no further changes can be made. Before paying, changes can continue to be made - images added/deleted/renamed. Development of your entry is stored and can be returned to, it must however be paid for prior to the entry close date.  
For additional information and help please consult the Rules & FAQs.  
PHOTO2023 Key Dates:- 
•Exhibition opens for entries 1st January 2023 
•Last date for entries Tuesday 28th February 2023 
•Selection Days 11th & 12th March 2023 
•Exhibition online from 12th April 2023  
Photo2023 has four digital categories (see FAQs for Definitions):- 
• Colour Images (overtly manipulated images should be entered in Experimental/Creative)  
• Monochrome Images  
• Natural History Images  
• Experimental/Creative Images  
Entry size format 1600x1200 pixels 
Sandie Cox ARPS, DPAGB, EFIAP - Monochrome, Experimental & Natural History 
Martin Fry FRPS, APAGB, EFIAP/d3, FBPE - Colour, Monochrome & Natural History 
Paul Hassell FRPS, FIPS, MPAGB, FBPE - Colour, Experimental, Monochrome 
Jenny Hibbert MPAGB, EFIAP/g, AWPF - Colour, Experimental & Natural History 
Every year the exhibition supports a charity which relates to photographers. For Photo2023 we are supporting 
PhotoVoice a UK based charity that uses photography to promote positive social change. 
Finally, we are indebted to the generosity of our sponsors whose contribution is invaluable to the financial success of this exhibition. Feel free to surf their websites by clicking on the links provided in the Gallery of Acceptances. 
John Kellett BPE2*  
Long Suffering Exhibition Chairman.