Entry by Post



Entry can be made online, which is our preferred option, or manually by posted CD. 
Entrants who do not have an email address will be unable to register for online entry and have to submit entries by post. 
Please read the Rules before entering, specifically the section “ENTRY BY POSTED CD”. This covers details of preparing your entry CD and also has links to a downloadable manual entry form, to be completed in block capitals, and alternatively a machine fillable form which can be typed onscreen and printed to go with your CD and entry fee. 
Fill out the cheque, payable to "VECC", for the correct amount. 
Send the CD or disk(s) to our receiver's address on the entry form. 
CLICK HERE for Manual Entry Form 
CLICK HERE for Machine fillable Entry Form 
Images must be submitted in JPEG file format only, directly onto a CD (PC format) and not in folders. 
Individual author disk(s) only. Do not share disks and the CD should be closed/finalised. 
There are four categories: 
• Colour Images (COL)  
• Monochrome Images (MON)  
• Natural History Images (NH)  
• Experimental/Creative Images (CRE) 
The FILENAME must be the CODE for the category entered, immediately followed by a hyphen and then the TITLE of the image.  
No spaces between the CODE, HYPHEN and TITLE, for example: 
     NH-Arctic Tern 
The Arctic Tern image is therefore entered into the Natural History Category. 
All submitted materials will not be returned. 
All entry Floppy and CD disks will be destroyed 1 month after judging.  
Each CD must be clearly labelled with the author’s name, postcode and e-mail address (if applicable), by using a fine permanent marker pen on the top surface. Individual author disk(s) only, do not share disks. 
Please post all entries to the receiver:  
    John Kellett  
    Avon Reach  
    Church Street  
    Wyre Piddle  
    WR10 2JD