VECC Annual Exhibition - Photo2018

Welcome to, the 20th National Open Exhibition, organised by the Vale of Evesham Camera Club.  
NEWS: The Photo2018 gallery of acceptances is now live - see Menu option 'View 2018 Exhibition'. The acceptances may be viewed by category or by authors name. 
Printed catalogues and report letters were posted to all entrant on or before Friday 20th April. If you entered and haven't received your Photo2018 catalogue then please contact me. 
The exhibition is a member of BPE with PAGB patronage (06/2018). This year the exhibition has attracted 5,245 digital entries.  
Key Dates  

•The Website is now CLOSED to further entries for Photo2018

 •Entries closed on 28th February 2018  
•Selection on 10th and 11th March 2018  
•Notifications sent on 12th April 2018  
•Exhibition online from 12th April 2018  
Finally, we are indebted to our selectors and also the generosity of our sponsors whose contribution is invaluable to the financial success of this exhibition. Feel free to surf their websites by clicking on the links provided from the gallery of acceptances.  
Happy shooting  
John Kellett BPE2*  
Exhibition Chairman.